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Zen with Nina’s Wellness Services

Yoga Therapy & Clinical Yoga

Yoga Therapy is an evidence based scientific approach to find the root cause of a diagnosed or self-diagnosed clinical condition.
Yoga Therapy integrates eastern, holistic healing modalities to assist traditional, western, medical treatments in reducing pain and discomfort.
Some conditions we specialize in are: Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, and assisting others in their journey as Cancer Thrivers.

Meditation & Breath Practices

Our breath is the life force energy which assists the body in finding balance day and night.
Depending on our external and internal circumstances, we may feel out of breath, at ease, or stressed.
Techniques to slow or accelerate the breath help the body find harmony. Meditation and Breath Techniques are excellent tools easily learned with the help of a certified Yoga Therapist or Integrative Health Specialist.

Wellness & Mindfulness

Sometimes we may just need a little guidance to optimize our health goals. For those individuals we offer Mindfulness and Life Coaching as well as Personal Training sessions in-person and online.
Whether your goal is to deepen your relationships with others, find more joy from within, or to become a stronger athlete,
Zen with Nina is happy to send you on the right track.

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